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Leaving a disc in the sunshine (not always possible in the UK!) sandwiched between two pieces on glass is often cited as one solution...although it is not recommended. Edge warps and dishing of vinyl can be safely repaired using professional equipment  - we use the latest from Japan, which is suitable for 7", 10" and 12" discs. It is safe with automatic heating and cooling sunshine required!


Analog discs are made from polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as vinyl. Due to them being sensitive to heat and weight, the storage method you use for your analog vinyl records is important in order to avoid warps and other damage. Aging can also cause warping of vinyl records, and extra care should always be taken. By gently heating the record evenly, and with a uniform pressure, the vinyl can be returned to its original flat state without degrading the audio quality. Please note that the success rate is high, but we cannot guarantee that every warped vinyl can be corrected in the case of a serious manufacturing fault, or if there is heat damage affecting the groove shape. 

£12 per disc (both sides!!!)


Scratch Repair | Click & Pop Removal | Skips & Jumps Resolved | Warps Flattened Out | Deep Ultra-sonic Cleaning

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